Top Gifts for Xmas 2011

Xmas List

If you are male and aged between 4 and 12 (or possibly if you are a 50-something Jonathan Ross who featured this toy on his show) you will be hoping that Santa leaves ‘Doggy Doo’ under your tree this year. A Dachshund model, it poops plasticine and tops the list of toys in greatest demand for Christmas 2011 according to the Toy Retailers Association. Horrified parents up and down the UK will be desperately trying to persuade little Johnny that he doesn’t really want to ask for a defecating dog this Yuletide! However, Alan Simpson, spokesman for the TRA, pointed out: “Kids like poo, but it’s yellow, so it’s OK. It’s not a normal game, it’s wacky.”

Thanks Alan! But if your taste stops short of toys with imitation bodily functions, you may like to know that 2011 again sees a Personalised Registration Number as an absolute must-have for the grown-ups.

The very definition of ‘personal’, private plates can cost anything from under £100 to whatever you feel inclined to spend (and all levels in between). In every case, it guarantees a happy recipient on Christmas morning and for years to come. Unlike most of the alternative gift choices, it also represents excellent investment potential too. What’s more, the whole gift-buying experience can be over and done with, in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own desk or armchair. No need to brave the shopping crowds this year, lift your phone or click your mouse and it’s as easy as that! At British Car Registrations you will find expert advice and assistance and a wide choice of registrations to suit both your requirements and your wallet. Contact us now at or on 0121 353 3333.

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