Is your private reg plate legal? Get it right and avoid a fine!

Getting a new private reg plate is exciting, particularly when you have been searching for private number plate for sale for some time. However, before you fit your new private number plate to your car, do make sure that it is legal.

In the past, unsuspecting drivers have been out on the road, enjoying showing off their new plate, only to find out that they are stopped by the police due to registration issues. With this in mind, we are going to take a look at how you can be 100% sure that you will not end up with a large fine.

Getting it right
Your number plate has to make use of correct spacing and fonts, with the same plate being shown on the front and rear of the vehicle. Motorists will be stopped by the police if their private number plates do not comply with this standard. It’s pointless telling the legal authorities that one number plate has fallen off and you didn’t notice as they will still level you with a fine.

Younger drivers seem to like the idea of running around with no front number plate as they think it looks cosmetically more appealing. However, the truth is, it will get you in trouble. If the spacing is also illegal, you can be fined up to £1000 and be hit with an MOT failure.

The standard registration format used in the UK at the current time was introduced back in 2001. When you purchase your car, the plate includes two letters that define where in the country the vehicle was registered. The two numbers tell you the year of registration and the final three letters are totally random. When you seek out private reg plates for sale, the first sets of letters and numbers can change, meaning that viewers of your car will not be able to tell the age of the vehicle.

Follow the rules
As well as this defined format, under UK law, your private reg plate must also conform to the following rules. After you have located your private number plate for sale and are ready to adorn your car with bespoke number plates, make sure that you get them made by a bona fide dealer. The private reg plate has to be:

● Made from a reflective material
● Show black characters on a white background – front plate
● Show black characters on a yellow background – rear plate
● Have a clear background with no pattern
● The characters can be 3D
● The characters have to conform with a set height and size

Taking care of your private reg plate
Once your private reg plates are fitted to your car, front and back, you have to check on them occasionally to ensure that neither are faded, cracked or broken. If they get splashed with paint or something similar so that letters or numbers are obscured, they are illegal. At this point, you need to your car number plate dealer and get a new set created. If you are going to be towing a vehicle or using a rear-mount cycle carrier, an extra rear plate will be required.

Most registration plate suppliers allow you to choose your plate style, opting for standard oblong, square or even motorcycle plates.

After all, why not have a private reg plate on your cherished bike? As long as you comply with UK law, you can add different emblems, borders and a choice of lettering options. Suppliers that are registered with DVLA as an approved supplier of legal UK car number plates give you peace of mind, knowing that your new private reg plate will be absolutely road legal.

Obtaining your private reg plates
When ordering your private registration plates, you will need to present certain documents. This will include proof of ID and proof of entitlement to the private registration mark.

When you purchase your private reg plate online from British Car Registrations you will not only receive a discount but will also be able to track progress at all times, 24/7. At the same time, we will provide you with a certificate proving legal ownership; this will allow you to get your plate physically made.

We understand that purchasing a private reg plate is very important so we will do everything possible to ensure speedy progress of your purchase.

Check out the site today and find the perfect private number plates for sale, either for yourself or to present as a stunning surprise to someone close to you. It really will add the perfect finishing touch to that auto!

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