DVLA Car Registrations and Vehicle Checks

DVLA Registrations

British Car Registrations are a recognised DVLA registrations reseller in the UK and we sell private plates at reasonable prices. Use our number plate search form to find the private registration plates for you. Give our team of experts a call on 0121 353 3333 and you can guarantee to find the lowest prices for the private number plates you desire.

Who Is The DVLA?

The DVLA is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport whose job is to oversee everything related to the roads and vehicles in the UK – including number plates.

DVLA car registrations are available from auction which is organised by themselves, however we have private registration plates available at attractive prices. This basically means we can save you money and time in finding your perfect private number plate.

As a DVLA reseller, all number plates on our website are issues and controlled by the DVLA. Registration plates are issued for general release twice a year. This is under their Sale of Marks scheme. This prices for these car registrations are chosen by the DVLA depending on how desirable the private plate is.

All private plates in the United Kingdom are issued and transferred in accordance with the DVLA’s regulations concerning registration plates and cherished transfers. The DVLA issues all new registrations to vehicles, typically in the procedure of registering a vehicle for the first time and also through the transfer of registrations that are deemed as desirable or cherished.

Based in Swansea, the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) is the only body in the UK that officially deals with sanctioning and issuing the transfer of vehicle registrations from one vehicle to another. British Car Registrations are here to help individuals to sell and buy their car registrations. British Car Registrations is an authorised reseller of DVLA registrations but all car registration dealers are independent companies and are not associated with the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency in any way.

DVLA Registration Check

When searching for information about your vehicle or the registration number that comes with it – a DVLA number plate check can be undertaken. This will provide you with all the information you could possibly need regarding the registration plate.

We supply DVLA private plates – have a search online or call us on 0121 353 3333.

Online DVLA Plate Check.

You can carry out a DVLA check online on the DVLA website. The DVLA oversees everything to do with number plates, cars, motors and have many systems in place online where you can find out more information about your car.

It is easy to use their DVLA registration plates checker to find out everything about your vehicle. There is information from tax and MOT details to the date the vehicle was registered. This is obviously very helpful when you want to check the history of your vehicle and its numberplate. It also helps when it comes to providing quick, basic facts before selling.

You are able to use the DVLA number plate check system to see if your number plate is available to buy. If your plate is unavailable, our team of experts here at British Car Registrations are committed to tracking it down for you for an unbeatable price.


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