Buy Back

“The value of your investment can go down as well as up”. This is an all too frequent caveat used in most places where you are invited to invest your money.

However, historically, registration marks have always gone up in value and, for an astute buyer, a personalised number plates is as good an investment as any, better than the majority and far more attractive! The owner of a personalised mark has the benefit of using and looking at his/her investment every day of the year, far more exciting than the more conventional financial investment!

“If you buy a good plate well it will literally make you money. Infinitely more interesting than Building Societies!” said TV motoring expert Quentin Willson on BBC’s Top Gear.

As either an opportunity for investment or purely as a means of satisfying a personal vanity, the personalised plate has a very secure future. For the new car buyer, a wise purchase in the personalised registrations market can offset the inevitable depreciation of the vehicle whilst a personalised registration can “undate” a vehicle and allow the purchase of a pristine used vehicle at a great saving over the list price of a new model.

Just to make that investment even more comfortable however, at British Car Registrations we offer the only “Buy–Back Promise” available in the market place:-

We will promise to buy a registration back from you within 12 months of the date you bought it from us – for the same price that you paid. Our web site identifies which registrations are included in the buy back promise. But that is just about it – very simple and a fantastic deal!

So what are you waiting for? You can buy a new registration from us by telephone on 0121 353 3333 or buy on-line and opt either for a discount or to buy at full price and benefit from our buy-back guarantee. However, if you want to take advantage of the buy–back promise you must check that the registration mark you are interested in is one that qualifies.

Qualifying plates are clearly marked in the search results.

Click here for the buy back terms.

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