DVLA Saving 40% on IT Costs

DVLA (The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) has announced that it handled 1 billion transactions in 2017 and that 90% of those were carried-out online.  That, of course, includes cherished transfers of private plates and personalised registrations.  They collect around £6 billion in vehicle excise duty (road tax) from vehicle owners in the UK.

At the same time, DVLA deals, annually, with approximately 11 million driving licence applications a year.  So, with these volumes, it is understandable that the Agency is very motivated to get as many of their transactions on-line as they can.

By moving their IT operation in-house, DVLA has declared that it has saved £55 million in costs (40% overall). This is a simply enormous figure, of course, but it remains to be seen whether any of that £55 million reaches the pockets of beleaguered motorists who are currently suffering from extreme rises in petrol and diesel prices.


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