The best birthday present ever! Give a cherished number plate today!

Every year, choosing a present for your nearest and dearest gets tougher. You don’t want to end up getting them something they have already and yet want to give something they will love. It’s time for thinking out-of-the-box and what better than to give them a cherished plate to adorn their car?

It’s a fabulous gift idea as it will last a lifetime and show the world just how much they care about their motor. Even if they don’t have a car yet, if they are planning to get one – maybe after passing a driving test – then look out for cherished number plates for sale to coincide with their next birthday. Alternatively, you could pick out the perfect option from a range of cherished number plates and it could be held indefinitely on a certificate until they are ready to assign it. And if you feel that giving a piece of paper doesn’t quite have the ‘wow’ factor then get some number plates made up with the cherished number in order to give a present that delights.

How do you buy cherished plates?

Finding cherished number plates for sale is not as difficult as you may think. Once you have decided what you want on the plate, then you can start the hunt. Think of ideas such as initials, names, birthday dates or even a fun motto. Get online and go onto a website such as British Car Registrations that specialises in selling cherished number plates.

The process is easy. You don’t need any vehicle documents, so the whole thing can be a complete surprise. These are only needed once the transfer onto the car physically takes place. After the purchase is complete, you will receive a certificate showing you as the purchaser and the birthday boy or girl as the nominee.

Cool ideas for cherished plates

If you have never looked for cherished number plates for sale before, here are some hints to send you off in the right direction. Simply type into the ‘search’ box some of the numbers or letters you are looking for, such as a name, and the computer will throw up a list of what is available.

● Age – if they are coming up to a landmark age or the time when they can legally drive, then how about putting their age as part of the digits on the cherished plate? Mix in their initials or month of birth and come up with something unique.
● Kiss – if the birthday nominee is someone you are very close to, add a kiss into the mix i.e. an X. Mix in initials or name and you have something nifty. If you want to go the whole hog with the word ‘kiss’ then you need a plate with K155 as part of the make-up.
● Love – fairly obvious, this would be LUV plus maybe their date of birth or initials.
● Parents – make mum and dad’s birthday extra special by gifting a plate with MUM or DAD as part of the initials on the cherished plates.

As long as the receiver of the cherished plate is old enough to drive, you could even combine the cherished plate with a full-on driving experience. Imagine the delight on their faces when they release not only are they going to have the drive of their life but also become the lucky owner of a cherished plate.

Cherished plates that are legally compliant

When choosing the letters and numbers for your cherished number plates, don’t forget it has to be legal. When cruising through cherished plates on the site, the only cherished plates for sale will be those that comply with British law. If you have no idea what type of mix of numbers and letters you want on the cherished number plate, simply click through the assortment on the site until something appeals and seems suitable.

When you purchase your cherished plates online from British Car Registrations you will not only receive a discount but will also be able to track progress at all times, 24/7. We understand that purchasing a cherished plate is very important so we will do all possible to ensure speedy progress of your purchase.

Check out the site today and find the perfect cherished plate to make the ideal birthday gift. Put a smile on someone’s face by presenting them with a cherished plate that will add the perfect finishing touch to their auto.

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