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Private Number Plates with British Car Registrations

Buying car registration plates from British Car Registrations means you can feel entirely confident in the service you will receive. Our team of experts will also assist you in coordinating the entire reg transfer onto your new vehicle. We will liaise with the DVLA and ensure all the relevant documents are completed to make the whole process as efficient and easy as possible for you. Call us on 0121 353 3333 to buy a new DVLA registration number for your vehicle.

We have a selection of DVLA private registration plates, cherished number plates, dateless number plates and  Irish plates… looking for cheap plate? Check out our plates for less in our Bargain Basement.

If you would like to buy any DVLA number plate online, not only will you receive an exclusive online discount, you will also be able to track its progress at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know how important it is for you to see how your new number plate is progressing and see when you can expect it.

Cheap Number Plates

We have private plates for sale which start from £59. Have a browse through the selection to see if you can find a car registration that matches your initials or special numbers. All registration numbers are DVLA approved and we ensure all the relevant paperwork is completed to ensure the reg transfer procedure is quick. These plates are perfect for those wanting inexpensive plates and are not afraid to have an easy root around.


Private Number Plate Shop

Transferring a Registration

We offer a 7 Day reg transfer guarantee on all number plates we sell. If you have bought a private numberplate from us, we will ensure the whole process is complete within a week. We will liaise with the DVLA and ensure the relevant documents are completed and take this pressure off you.

Selling Your Number Plate

We are able to value your private number plate for free. Fill out our no obligation valuations form and we do the rest. Should you choose to sell your plate, we can guide you through the process making it as easy and efficient as possible for you.

Cherished Number Plates

Number plates which are loved and sought after are called cherished number plates. A lot of happy customers choose cherished plates as they hold their lucky numbers, occupations, hobbies and even business names. Cherished number plates also mean personalised registration plates or personal car number plates, however what they are essentially are are certain letters and number combinations which are talked about and legendary. They are great as investment pieces as many people look to buy and sell these for extra profit.

Dateless Private Number Plates

Dateless car registrations are a fantastic way to give an older vehicle a little dignity in its older years. A Dateless number plate does not contain the year identifier in the form of a prefix, suffix or numerical code which is contained in the current vehicle registration format.

DVLA Registrations

We sell all types of DVLA Number plates. We sell private number plates owned by clients, we sell vehicle registrations that we hold in stock ourselves and we also sell DVA car registrations. In every case, number plates are sold to availability, DVLA regulations and to our terms and conditions. Importantly, some private plates for sale are subject to VAT and you should check before you agree to purchase.

We record all telephone conversations to ensure the quality of our service and for everyones’ safety and security. We accept all major credit cards and offer a range of finance plans to suit all budgets.

In light of the Distance Selling Regulations, we hereby notify you that our service begins immediately upon an initial payment being taken, this means you are not entitled to a ‘cooling off period’ or to a full or partial refunds.

British Car Registrations is a licensed number plate supplier.

DVLA is a registered trade mark of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. British Car Registrations is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVA Registrations. DVLA or DVA Regulations – read more.


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