Private Plates

Private registrations are increasing in popularity all the time. We have new customers buying from us each day as well as customers who already own private registrations, coming back and purchasing additional registrations for their other car or as gifts for their loved ones.

One of the reasons customers love purchasing private registrations is for the investment potential they can bring. People who have previously purchased from us come back in order to sell them – often taking taking advantage of our ‘Buy Back’ scheme whereby we purchase their private plate back from them at their original price.

More often than not, when a customer sells their private registration with us, they will have seen a significant profit. has made it so easy for you to search for private plates, just add your initials or special numbers to the box on the homepage. You can also use the prefix and current search style.

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Where can I buy a number plate?

How can I sell a private number plate?

What are the rules surrounding number plate transfers?

How do I retain a car registration number?

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