Retain a Registration Number

The Retention Scheme is where a private number plate is taken off a vehicle and placed onto a certificate of retention. This then allows the owner to transfer the plate to another vehicle at a suitable time for them and allows them to sell or scrap the donor car or other vehicle it was on – the certificate will be valid for an initial 10 years.

To keep the rights to a registration mark on a certificate (separate to a vehicle), you will need to fill out a V317 form, available to download and print out from the DVLA’s website.

To retain the registration mark, the vehicle must be both taxed and MOTed (if the vehicle is 3 years old or more) and you will need to send your completed V317 application form to the DVLA, along with the following documents:

  • V5c
  • A cheque for £80.

Your vehicle will be assigned with an age related replacement registration mark.

When the retention is complete, you will receive the following:

  • V5C Registration document. Showing the replacement registration mark.
  • V778 Certificate of retention. Showing the mark that has been retained.

Upon receiving this document, you may legally display your new number plates on your vehicle. Before doing this, please remember to inform your insurance company of the change to your policy. Your MOT (if applicable) and road tax will be updated electronically.

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