Sex Sells – Naughty Numberplates

Not for the faint-hearted!

The registrations depicted are all genuine, legal registrations. They were not created to deliberately resemble words, it just sometimes happens by chance.

We are aware that no two people will entirely agree about what is funny or about what is in good or poor taste. The last thing we want to do is to offend any of our visitors.

We have noticed an increase in our online searches and telephone enquiries for risque and  humourous car registration numbers… you cheeky lot! We are loving this new direction and are happy to indulge our customers seeking for  a private number plate which may raise the odd eyebrow.

Recently, SEX IIE, sold for a whooping £19,500. The new owner was delighted with their new registration and for the privilege of advertising their libido. Let’s hope they remain happy with all the attention they will attract!

Last year, the car numberplate SEX IE sold for just over £21,500. This goes to show the size of the market out there and what customers are looking for. These two registrations were all genuine, legal car number plates. Have a search online to find yourself a saucy plate!

Some other naughty number car registrations have come up for sale. These are listed below. Call us on 0121 353 3333 or make an online enquiry. Alternatively, have a play with the online search tool and see what comes up!

BOO 6   
UR58 HOT – Online purchase price £465.00
UR58 XXY – Online purchase price £465.00
XX04 VAG – Online purchase price £379.00
UR11 DCK – Online purchase price £659.00
MR11 UBE – Online purchase price £659.00

Find, sell and buy personalised car registrations for yourself or a loved one. Finance options available. 

Private number plates – also called personalised number plates or cherished numbers – are a fantastic way to give your vehicle uniqueness and stand out from the crowd. They can also be surprisingly cheap, starting at less than £100.

Private number plates can be personal, spelling out your name or initials, have a theme or just be for fun. Have a search online now!  

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