“R” you ready for the new “R” registrations?

The Race is on!

On April 15th, DVLA will be releasing for sale very special R prefix registrations that have previously been with held. If you have ever tried to buy one of the new release registrations you will know how difficult it is to do so – just about impossible, in fact. And that is where BCR comes in.

Help is at hand, let British Car Registrations do the hard work for you!

British Car Registrations has an unrivalled record for obtaining new-release registrations for clients and will be happy to take your exclusive order to secure your chosen R registration.




and many, many more!


Call NOW!

There will be extremely high demand for these sought-after registrations and British Car Registrations will only take one order for any registration (on a first-come-first-served basis) so it is important that you plan your purchase without any delay.

Call on 0121 353 3333 – all major credit cards accepted.

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