Number Plate DH11 LON sells for £79,000


At a recent auction, number plate DH11 LON was purchased by a business man for a staggering £79,000!!

The personal registration plate which reads Dhillon took the auctioneers by surprise when the bidding started at £12,600! The bidding kept going higher and higher between four rivals in the room.

The name Dhillon is a popular Indian surname. Previous registration plates spelling Indian surnames have also fetched shocking prices. S1 NGH was sold in 2008 for over £100,000. More recently 51 NGH was sold for a mind blowing £260,000!

Jody Davies, a spokeswoman for DVLA, said “What a way to start 2012. No one would have predicted such a high figure. The auctioneers are delighted but a little stunned!”

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