Gambler Hits Jackpot and wins NA11 SEA


A millionaire businessman has put a very interesting number plate; NA11 SEA on the market to sell.
Nick Fellone was chancing his hand at a Casino when a fellow gambler ran out of money and put the personalised registration in the kitty.
Nick did a quick Google search to find Nailsea was a town in North Somerset and agreed the offer.
Owning a couple of private number plates already, Nick understands the value of cherished numbers. On his Mercedes he proudly displays PO11 KER, a fun little nod at his favourite passtime.
He has now put the registration number up for sale for £4373. Referring to the sale he said: “I am open to offers and thought the unique registration may appeal to a Nailsea company director or someone who lives in the town and is proud of their heritage.”

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