DVLA Making a Profit from Parking Firms

DVLA has announced that the amount it collects from Parking Firms who request the name and address details of vehicle owners in order to pursue them for enforcement purposes has more than doubles – from £2.9millions in 2010-2011 to £6millions in 2013-2014.

The increase follows the ban on clamping which came into force in October 2012 together with a change in the Law that allowed Parking Firms to pursue motorists rather that have to identify them at the time.

Amid great public concern about the scruples of some Parking Firms who’s reputation has suffered serious damage over recent years (including criminal convictions for some), DVLA denied that it makes a profit from providing the names and addresses. Charging £2.50 for each record, a representative of DVLA said “the fees are set to recover the related administrative costs”. Conservative MP Michael Ellis said “The DVLA has a duty and a responsibility to ensure they don’t give details to unscrupulous firms”.

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