Customer Service

Customer Service

At British Car Registrations, we take the business of customer service very seriously indeed – so much so that, in 1996, we were the first company in our field to attain the prestigious award ISO 9001:2000. We are also the only company to have been recognised as Investors in People.

We would be foolish (and incorrect) to suggest that things never go wrong. Fortunately, the vast majority of our car registration transfers go more–or–less to plan and our customers are happy. It is on the rare occasion when something does go wrong that it is important for our customers to know what to expect of us and how we will deal with the problem. The information below has been produced to clarify what our customers can expect of us and what we expect of our customers.

What to Expect from Us

  • We will afford the same degree of expertise to all transfers, regardless of value.
  • We will endeavour to arrange all transfers as speedily and as smoothly as possible.
  • We will not deposit balance payments where we anticipate any problems with the transfer.
  • We will let you know of any problems with your transfer and we will deal promptly with locating a replacement mark or arranging a refund if necessary.
  • We will raise payments to donor clients swiftly upon receipt of the required proof of completion.
  • We will adhere strictly at all times both to our own terms of business and to the Department of Transport’s regulations governing cherished transfers.
  • We will always treat you with courtesy.

What We Expect from You

  • We ask you to comply with all requests for documentation completely and swiftly (and, in this respect, you appreciate that, whilst awaiting the other party’s documentation or while the transfer process is under way, it is possible that documentation you will have sent to us e.g. your MOT, might expire and need to be quickly replaced).
  • We ask you to read all the information and instructions we send you.
  • We ask you to only phone our helpline if it is really necessary (bearing in mind that if our administration staff are answering telephone queries, they are not administering transfers).
  • We ask you to be aware that with all transfers, there are other parties involved to a greater or lesser extent and that mistakes do, sometimes, happen over which we have no control.
  • We ask you to keep in mind that our staff will be doing their very best for you at all times.

Registration Transfers

7 Day Transfers

With this type of transfer we guarantee to transfer the registration mark to your vehicle within five working days of receiving your documents (as long as your complete and correct documentation arrives with us within one week of placing your order) or we will continue with transfer but refund the nett purchase price (for more detailed information see our terms of business for five day transfers).

Select Registration Transfers

We guarantee to transfer one of these registrations to your vehicle within seven working days of receiving your documentation (as long as your complete and correct
documentation arrives with us within one week of placing your order) or we will continue with the transfer but refund the nett purchase price (for more detailed
information see our terms of business for Select Registrations).

Other Transfers

For those transfers which are not subject to any special guarantee, we will still endeavour to arrange the transfer as quickly as possible.

Complaints Procedure

Of course, we would like to think that the purchase of your registration mark from British Car Registrations will be a pleasant and positive experience.

However, if you have a complaint to make, you should address your complaint, in the first instance, to the administrator conducting your transfer. If this cannot be resolved by the relevant administrator, please write to our Customer Liaison Manager:

Caroline Jones

British Car Registrations, Midland House, Chester Road, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield B74 3ED.

You can expect an acknowledgment of your complaint within 5 working days of it being received by us, followed by a full reply reply within two weeks. In the unlikely event that you are still unhappy, please write to our Director:

Brian Bell

British Car Registrations, Midland House, Chester Road, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield B74 3ED.

If then, you still do not consider that we have done what we can to resolve your complaint, you may wish to seek the advice of your solicitor, local citizens advice bureau or Trading Standards office.

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