Terms of Business

British Car Registrations is a trading name of Midland Registrations Ltd, (hereafter referred to as The Company).

    1. All transfers are conducted in strict accordance with Department of Transport regulations governing cherished transfers;
    2. The Company undertake to handle all the paperwork involved in the transfer of this mark on your behalf. If additional, connected transfers are required simultaneously our supplementary administration fee is £100 plus vat;
    3. The Company guarantees (subject to parts a, b, c, d and e below) that where the Company is conducting the transfer, if it is not completed at the DVLA within seven (7) working days of your complete and correct documentation and balance arriving at our office, the Company will complete the transfer yet refund the original purchase price (less the Department of Transport’s fee of £80);
      a) “working days” means days on which both the DVLA and the Company are open for cherished transfer business;
      b) To qualify for this special service (the guarantee) we must be in possession of your complete and correct documentation within one week of placing the order. Outside that time, the transfer will still be conducted as quickly as possible (recorded delivery postage is recommended);
      c) The Company cannot offer this special service (the guarantee) to office callers although the transfer will still be conducted as
      quickly as possible,
      d) The Company will not be able to effect a transfer within this time if DVLA misdirect the certificate of entitlement;
      e) If full payment is made by cheque, the seven working day period commences on the first working day after clearance (ten
      working days);
    4. Upon receipt of full payment for the registration mark, we will secure it for you. As a result, we cannot accept a cancellation or make any refund (partial or complete) in the event that you are unable to proceed with the transfer for whatever reason, or if you fail to supply us with the complete and correct documentation in time to effect a transfer within the expiry deadline. In accordance with the consumer contract regulations, because the registration mark is regarded as bespoke/personalised and because our service begins immediately, you understand that you waive any right to cancel the order;
    5. The right to assign the mark to which these terms apply is valid for ten years from the date it was ordered. After that date, the mark ceases to be available and we will not be able to resurrect it. The onus is upon you to remember the expiry date and assign/renew as appropriate;
    6. Our service is fully discharged by the acquisition of the right mark specified overleaf with your chosen nominee printed on
      the V750 certificate of entitlement to the mark. Where required, our service involves arranging the transfer to your vehicle but for this we rely on your assistance in supplying documentation in good time;
    7. If you specifically want to assign the mark yourself or to ask someone else to perform the assignment for you, we will supply you with the pre-signed V750 certificate of entitlement upon receipt of a signed disclaimer. Again, our supply of the V750 certificate in this case fully discharges our responsibility to you and we will not be held liable if you fail to use the certificate before the deadline . If you lose the V750 certificate before assignment and before the expiry date we can apply for a duplicate for you for a fee of £100.00 plus VAT;
    8. If you fail to instruct us to extend the validity of a V750 within one month before the expiry date (the use of recorded delivery post is recommended), we may reserve the right to offer the mark for sale and to furnish you with the proceeds of the sale less our commission;
    9. The Company will not accept responsibility, issue full or partial refunds or be liable for any costs you incur from expiry of the assignment rights in the event that you do not supply us with documentation before that date or use the V750 certificate of entitlement supplied as outlined above;
    10. You cannot make a vehicle appear to be younger than it actually is eg:-
      “A” prefixed registrations cannot be transferred to vehicles registered before August 1983;
      “P” prefixed registrations cannot be transferred to vehicles registered before August 1996;
      “64” series registrations cannot be transferred to vehicles registered before September 2014;
    11. It is an offence to display the new mark before the transfer is complete. Number plates must be purchased from the Company as part of the transaction. They will be despatched when we receive your complete and correct documentation;
    12. If a cheque payment fails to clear on presentation, we will charge an administration fee of £100.00 plus VAT for each time it is unpaid. Please note, cheque clearance will 10 working days.
    13. If we are contacted by the Police or by any Local Authority regarding a motoring offence (including, but not limited to,
      speeding, parking etc) committed using the registration mark that is subject of this transaction we will charge £100 plus vat
      for each time we are required to respond. By entering into this Contract you agree that you will pay the sum due on demand.
    14. Our price match guarantee states that we will at least match the price of a registration mark being advertised by another company. This only applies where both we and the other company are advertising an identical mark and our guarantee is not offered retrospectively.
    15. Every contract to which these terms apply shall be construed in accordance with and governed in all respects by the laws of
      England and the parties submit irrevocably to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
    16. The Company reserves the right to transmit all or part of a tape recorded call to a third party at our discretion, the recording
      remaining our property at all times. Recordings are only routinely kept for four weeks and therefore, if a query arises, customers are urged to bring the matter to the Company’s attention at the earliest possible stage within that time. At our discretion we may supply an audio cassette copy of a conversation at a cost of £100.00 plus VAT, subject to the above time constraint.
    17. It is the intention of the Company that all terms of a contract between the Purchaser (the Recipient) and the Company are contained in this document and have been made known to the Recipient, in full, before formation of the contract.
      These terms may not be altered in any respect;

Your Statutory rights are not affected.

These terms may not be altered in any respect.

Our services are subject to these terms of business together with any previous written or oral representation made by or on behalf of the Company.

Please Note: that all registrations included on this web site are subject to availability. In relation to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000, when you signify your request to order a registration mark you agree that you waive any cancellation rights under the regulations – no cancellation will be accepted.

Our special seven day service regrettably does not apply to persons whose vehicle is registered anywhere other than mainland UK.

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