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British Car Registrations is a trading name of Midland Registrations Ltd., (hereafter referred to as the Company).

  1. All registrations are transferred in strict accordance with the Department of Transport rules governing cherished numbers.
  2. A deposit will secure any registration mark; the balance being due along with all the documentation required, prior to transfer.
    Purchase Price:

£1 – £999 = £100 deposit, £1000 – £4999 = 10% deposit,
£5000 – £9999 = £500 deposit, £10,000+ = £1000 deposit.

  1. All necessary documentation must be sent to arrive with four (4) weeks. Failure to do so, for whatever reason, will result in at least the loss of your deposit to cover administration expenses. In addition, the Company reserves the right to recover any loss of profit suffered in the sale of the mark subject to our duty to mitigate the loss. The Company also reserves the right to seek performance of the contract. Recorded delivery postage is recommended.
  2. If your balance payment is not received within four (4) weeks of your order being placed, by agreeing to these terms of business you agree that the full sum outstanding (plus an administration charge of 5%) may be taken on the card with which the intitial deposit was paid.
  3. In the event that the Company is unable to effect the transfer within a period of twelve weeks from receipt of your complete documents, and provided you are not responsible for the failure, the Company will refund your money in full. The Company will of course, make every effort in this instance, to find a suitable alternative. If you cancel or frustrate the process after your application has been submitted, no refund will be made of any monies paid. The Company will consider that you have frustrated the transfer process if your documents arrive late, if there are any discrepancies with your documentation, if your payment does not clear on first presentation, if you have asked us to conduct a second transfer alongside the purchase of this mark, or if you fail to comply with any request by the Department of Transport for supply of additional documentation.
  4. If the transfer is not concluded within a period of twelve weeks from the initial reservation due to an error or omission on your part (the recipient client), no refund will be made of any monies paid by that time, regardless of what other documentation has been submitted.
  5. Number plates must be purchased from the Company, please contact us upon completion of the transfer and we will arrange despatch immediately. We may be able to delivery before completion but only at your specific request – it is illegal to display the new mark before the transfer is complete, and we cannot supply plates unless we receive acceptable I.D. from you.
  6. Before a transfer application can be submitted, the Company must be in possession of all donor and recipient
    documentation. The Company cannot guarantee a specific time period for a transfer. Having submitted the application to the Department of Transport, the transfer process is entirely in their control.
  7. Any costs you incur as a direct/indirect result of this transfer are your sole responsibility. The Company shall not be liable for a delay in the process howsoever caused or for the failure of the transfer except as otherwise specified within these terms of business.
  8. The Company will only accept balance payments by methods other than credit/charge cards. BACS/CHAPS direct into bank payments are subject to a £30.00 fee and can only be made for balances in excess of £2000.
  9. If a cheque payment fails to clear on presentation, we will charge an administration fee of £100 plus VAT for each time it is unpaid. Please note cheque clearance will be 10 working days.
  10. If we are contacted by the Police or by any Local Authority regarding a motoring offence (including, but not limited to, speeding, parking etc) committed using the registration mark that is subject to this transaction we will charge £100 plus vat for each time we are required to respond. By entering into this Contract you agree that we may charge this sum to the card with which you paid your initial deposit.
  11. The Company’s price match guarantee states that the Company will at least match the price of a registration mark being advertised by another company. This only applies where both the Company and the other company are simultaneously advertising an identical mark and the guarantee is not offered retrospectively.
  12. Every contract to which these terms and conditions apply shall be construed in accordance with and governed in all respects by the laws of England and the parties submit irrevocably to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.
  13. The Company reserves the right to transmit all or part of a tape recorded call to a third party as our discretion, the recording remaining our property at all times. Recordings are routinely kept for four weeks and therefore, if a query arises, customers are urged to bring the matter to the Company’s attention at the earliest possible stage within that time. At the Company’s discretion we may supply an audio cassette copy of a conversation at a cost of £100 plus VAT, subject to the above time constraint.
  14. It is the intention of the Company that all terms of a contract between the Purchaser (the Recipient) and the Company are constrained in this document and have been made known to the Recipient, in full, before the formation of the contract.


Please Note: that all registrations included on this web site are subject to availability. In light of the Consumer Contract Regulations, we hereby notify you that our service begins immediately upon an initial payment being taken.  In addition, the product you are purchasing from us is regarded as “personalised” or “bespoke” and this means that you are not entitled to a “cooling off period” or to a full or partial refund if you have a change of heart. No cancellation will be accepted.

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