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On April 15th 2015 DVLA will release for sale thousands of previously with-held R prefix registrations.  There will be extremely high demand for these sought-after registrations and, if you are keen to acquire one or more for yourself you need to plan the purchase now.

As a result of our success with ALL of the previous releases, we have established an excellent reputation born of an unrivalled success rate.  It’s easy to see why though; as innovators of such a highly personalised service we have, over the years, developed superior technology and know-how to enable us to acquire literally thousands of prefix registrations from the DVLA for our overjoyed clients.

Furthermore, we will act for the first person who instructs us and we will only order for you, our client, to ensure that there is no conflict of interests.  Beware of other companies who satisfy their own needs before yours!

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