Personalised Registrations Still a Great Investment

A recent study by the BBC has concluded that “It’s not only the rich and famous who buy personalised number plates. Despite the economic downturn, they are still big business.”

Famous owners include Lord Alan Sugar (AMS 1), Englebert Humperdinck (EH 1), Paul Daniels (MAG 1C) etc. But cherished registrations have long since ceased to be the preserve of household names.

Says motoring journalist Quentin Willson:-

“It really is about being visually pleasing. They are great fun but much abused. It seems to have caught the nation’s psyche. A number plate is a form of automotive jewellery. You can either change your car or change your number plate, and changing your number plate is cheaper.”

Heather Logan from Cleveland bought GO12 DON for her husband as a birthday gift. They already own seven other registrations including 33 HL and 33 GL but Mrs Logan couldn’t miss the opportunity to buy her husband’s name on a plate.


“If there’s something you want in life, and you can afford it, then why not go out and buy it. We think of them as investments.” said Mrs Logan.

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