Personalised Number Plates

British Car Registrations is one of the UK’s leading dealers in personalised car registrations.

Private plates, personalised car registrations or even cherished registrations (in DVLA speak) have never been so popular.  Whether the buyer has pockets deep enough to spend £100,000 or more on a very short, very old car registration or whether he wants to spend just £hundreds on an inexpensive year-related set of initials, the variety of available registrations and prices is mind-boggling.

British Car Registrations currently has the perfect car registration for a Harley Street GP – 1 DR is available for a cool £129,999.  Or 78 GP may be more like what the doctor ordered at a reasonable £9,999.

The most expensive car registration to sell at a UK auction was 51 NGH which fetched a whopping £245,000.  Interestingly, S1 NGH sold for the much less eye-watering sum of £86,000 some years previously.  It just goes to show that a truly unique car registration will appreciate in value no end and, as the motoring correspondent Quentin Wilson said “if you buy a good plate well, it will literally make you money”!

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