Happy Birthday! British Car Registrations is 30!!

A 30th birthday is a special occasion in anyone’s book. At British Car Registrations we have chosen to celebrate this exceptional landmark in our trading life by refurbishing our offices (inside and out). Why not? We all need a bit of a makeover as the years go by!!

But it is still business as usual – we have consistently been at the forefront of the industry with innovation after innovation whether it was 7 day transfers on Make Your Mark registrations or a unique buy-back guarantee on our own stock. No other personalised registration company has been able (or willing) to follow this lead. Similarly, we remain the only Company in our industry with a showroom open to the public.

And so we raise a glass to the future and to more than half a million customers who, in the course of the last 30 years, have chosen to make British Car Registrations the company they want to use for buying and selling their registrations. We appreciate your custom very much and hope to continue serving you for many years to come.

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