DVLA Bans 300 Number Plates


Every six months new number plates are introduced into circulation with them used to give the car a unique identity and show its age.

The new 67 Plate was released on September 1st 2017 – search our 67 Private Plates. Can’t find what you’re looking for, then call us on 0121 353 33 33 to find your matching private plate for your new vehicle today!

But over 300 private plates were withheld by the DVLA as they were deemed to cause ‘upset’ or ‘offence’.

Among those banned by DVLA are MU67 DER, BU67 GER, DO67 GER, BA67 ARD, MU67 GER, HU67 WLY and OR67 SAM. Other “words” like AF67 HAN, DO67 SHT, AR67 OLEand NE67 ECT also make the list – what a variety!!!

A DVLA spokesman said they had responsibility as a regulator to not “cause upset or offence”.

In June, earlier this year, the Swansea-based Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency admitted that a plate JH11 HAD “slipped through the net”. According to the information readily supplied by the Freedom of Information Act to BBC Wales has shown, words which look like they spell extremist groups such as JIHAD are banned.

Finding it difficult to crack the private plate code?

To some people, the 6 can look like an ‘S’ or ‘G’. The 7 can look like a ‘T’ or even an ‘L’.

When put together, 67 can be read by some eyes as ‘R’, but this is a bit more difficult. Nonetheless, DVLA have deemed them as unsuitable.

Take a look at the one below, what do you see?

Other private plates which are prohibited are the ones with start with NO and end with a complete three-letter word, the 67 here holds no relevance in these circumstances. Some examples of these are NO67 FUN, NO67 MUM, NO67 DAD and so on…

DVLA state that “The agency applies a clear policy of withholding potentially offensive registration numbers equally to normal issue series and those made available to purchase from our sales team.

“Such numbers are withheld if they are likely to cause offence or embarrassment to the general population in this country on the grounds of political, racial and religious sensitivities or simply because they are in poor taste when displayed correctly on a number plate.”

There are a whole range of naughty, rude and risqué personalised car regs which DVLA have allowed to be released however, we’ve gathered a few here in our recent Naughty Number Plates post.

In 2011, DVLA banned hundreds of DVLA car registrations from being sold to the public. Private registrations which seemed to be rude or offensive were withdrawn from sale with immediate effect.

Body parts, drugs, alcohol, and religious words have all been banned. For example DR12 UNK (Drunk), TE12 ROR (Terror), KO12 AAN (Koran).

This recent stance has come about since DVLA instructed Alan Clarke to remove his private number plate BO11 LUX from his vehicle just 6 weeks after he had purchased it!

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