Buy-Back Terms

In addition to our standard Terms of Sale, the following additional terms apply to Buy–Back orders:

Buy–Back Terms

  1. In the event that you want to sell your private registration within 12 months of the date you enter into the agreement to buy it from us, we promise to buy it back from you for the same price that we sold it for. All we will charge you is a handling fee of £350 plus VAT and you will be asked to pay the transfer fee of £80 to return the mark to one of our vehicles.
  2. The buy–back promise applies only to the registrations listed in the advertisement that carries the promise and to no others.
  3. The time limit is strictly 12–months from the date the initial contract is formed and NOT from when the final balance is paid, when the V750 document is supplied or when the transfer is complete.
  4. We will pay the net amount unless our customer is VAT registered and can supply a genuine VAT invoice. We will not include transfer or assignment fees in the figure we return.
  5. A transfer is deemed to be complete when we recieve from the DVLA a copy of the new V5 registration document for our vehicle, beaing the new mark.
  6. This offer is not transferable. It is available only to the individual who purchased the mark from us and not to their agent, executor, family member etc.
  7. The promise will only remain valid where the buyer complies fully with our terms of business. If, for example, the balance payment is late arriving or fails to clear on first presentation, the buy–back promise will be revoked. In addition, if the customer’s documentation takes longer than 7 days to reach us after the buy–back has been agreed, the promise will be revoked.

e.g. Car reg plates ordered on 10th November 2009 and initial deposit paid. Buyer pays £5999 plus VAT (total £7048.83) and assignment fee. The price paid is the full asking price and the buyer complied fully with our terms of business.

At any time up to and including 9th November 2010 we will promise to buy the registration mark back for £5999 (and we will also pay the VAT if we are supplied with a genuine VAT invoice from the buyer) less our handling charge and transfer fee.

Assuming that the buyer is NOT VAT registered we will pay the original buyer the sum of £5596.50 when the transfer is complete.

Assuming that the buyer IS VAT registered we will pay the original buyer the sum of £6496.35 when the transfer is complete and a VAT invoice supplied.

Note that the buy-back promise does not apply to registrations purchased on our premises. Your Statutory rights are not affected.

These terms may not be altered in any respect.

Our services are subject to these terms of business together with any previous written or oral representation made by or on behalf of the Company.

Please Note: that all registrations included on this web site are subject to availability. In relation to the Distance Selling Regulations 2000, when you signify your request to order a registration mark you agree that you waive any cancellation rights under the regulations – no cancellation will be accepted.

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